About Transit Insurance Cover


Whilst SKS Distribution Australia Pty Ltd  (we) engage only the most reputable and trusted third party couriers and freight providers to deliver customer orders, things can happen in a busy logistics network.   On rare occasion whilst in transit, items can be damaged, lost or stolen.  Opting for Transit Insurance cover ensures that you will see a replacement or refund promptly, and without any additional cost to you.


We will provide Transit Insurance cover for loss of or damage to the Shipment of goods purchased from our store, covering the replacement value of the goods, provided that you select “Transit Insurance” at time of order, and pay the applicable charge.   Insurance when validly selected will appear on your order confirmation and also on your invoice / receipt.   If it does not appear on these documents, then you do not have cover for that order.


Unless Transit Insurance is specified and paid for at time of order, all goods are shipped at the customers risk from the moment they are loaded onto a vehicle at time of dispatch. Insurance cannot be added after the goods have been invoiced.


Cover includes any of:

  • Theft while in transit
  • Loss while in transit
  • Damage caused by accidents while in transit
  • Damage caused during transit.
  • The value of replacing the goods, or the cost of sending replacement parts if the parties agree that this is the best way to resolve a claim, or a refund to the value of the purchase price for any affected item(s) covered by the Transit Insurance, but due to changed stock levels or for other reasons cannot be replaced.


Cover Excludes any of following relating to an insured order (whether arising directly, incidentally or consequently.)

  • in-direct loss or damage,
  • economic loss, (including loss of profit),
  • loss or damage caused by delays how-so-ever caused.
  • damage to property (other than the insured items).
  • personal injury


=>   In no case will we incur liability for any loss or damage exceeding the sale price of the goods paid by the customer for the goods, or $5000 whichever is the lesser.


Transit Insurance operates from from the moment insured goods are loaded onto a vehicle(s) at time of dispatch, until the moment the insured goods are delivered to the address specified by the customer on our invoice, and the goods have been signed for by the Customer or their agents.   Where an authority to leave has been advised by the customer, goods will be deemed to have been delivered upon the courier leaving goods and the nominated address.  By signing for the goods, the Customer is acknowledging that they have received the order, have inspected it carefully and that they are satisfied that the order was received in full, in good condition and without damage.   Where an authority to leave operates, delivery of the goods by the courier shall be deemed receipt of the order.


Making a claim

To initiate a claim under the Transit Cover, please CLICK HERE and select Transit Insurance Claim